Wholesale Terms And Conditions

If you would like to purchase my handmade artisan jewelry wholesale to sell on your website or in your store:

Please do create an account, contact me with your website or store info. We will reply with our wholesale discount code. The minimum order amount is $150 and our wholesale discount is 40%OFF our suggested retail prices

You can also purchase our products wholesale here at:

TUNDRA - https://www.tundra.com/shop/lexi-butler-designs/

ABOUND - https://helloabound.com/retailers/new?brand_referral_id=13259

HUBBA - https://www.hubba.com/brand/lexi-butler-designs

MODALYST - If you have a Shopify website, download the Modalyst Retailer's app in the Shopify App store.

If you would like to carry my handcrafted artisan made jewelry in your store, please get in touch with me!