What's the hype about the New Vertical Bar Necklaces?

by Lexi Butler May 14, 2019 2 Comments

What's the hype about the New Vertical Bar Necklaces?-Lexi Butler Designs

Our customers are hyping about our New Vertical Crystal Bar Necklaces. Here you can see why! My lovely daughter Helen is modeling our newest Tiny Super Sparkly Vertical Crystal Bar Necklace is in  14 kt rose gold filled wire wrap with super sparkly turquoise ABx2 Swarovski Crystals.

I think our vertical bar necklaces are cool! As usual, the jewelry market is totally flooded with one type of design...boring. Everybody is making the vertical metal bar necklace some personalized some are generic and most likely plated. Solid  14kt god bar would cost several $100s because you know gold is not cheap. 

Well, here at Lexi Butler Designs we love it sparkly! That's why I designed a Swarovski Crystal Bar Necklace that is customizable in many colors. Check it out all the colors you can choose from.



That's not all we also offer them in 14 ct gold filled wire wrap. Wear our elegant handmade Vertical Crystal Necklace in jet black or black diamond AB Color in sparkly 14 kt goldfilled wire wrap on a sparkly golden chain with lobster clasp.



Lastly but not least I also designed a super sparkly smaller version of our unique handcrafted Vertical Crystal Bar Necklace in 14 ct rose gold wire wrap with tiny 3 mm Swarovski Crystal bicones. Take a look...



Which version of our Unique Vertical Crystal Bar Necklace do you like best? Let us know by commenting below!

Purchase one for yourself while they are still available.


  • $10.00 off Vertical Crystal Bar Jewelry
  • Applies once per order
  • One use per customer
  • Active from today until May 17

Lexi Butler
Lexi Butler


I hope this will be interesting to you...as it is my story of how I became an artisan I have always had a love for designing jewelry. Growing up in Germany, I followed in my father's footsteps and became a goldsmith and jewelry designer. I gave it all up when I moved to Montana with my family and became a full-time mom. But once my kids were older I decided it was time pick up my passion once again -- and what better place to create my treasures than the Treasure State. I sat down one day and it just started all coming together I guess, but this time I gravitated towards beading and wire sculpting. it’s almost entirely done by hand and it just uses one tool just at the end to make two final loops. I quickly discovered I had a niche in something that is now in high demand. This is really fun to do because I don’t have to think about measurements. I hate measurements. I never draw out anything. When I first started selling my jewelry I went to craft shows but quickly realized I could have customers around the world and so I created a website to sell my wares.In 2014 Lexi Butler Designs was born. LEXI BUTLER DESIGNS - REDISCOVER YOURSELF AGAIN www.lexibutlerdesigns.com Below you can see me at work in my Shop which my husband and I build in 2014

2 Responses

Gaby T
Gaby T

May 15, 2019

I just like your unique writing style. It is refreshing because you say it as you feel it. And you are right when I googled vertical bar necklaces, they all look more or less the same. I like your vertical’s because they are so different from the rest.

Tina Schraier
Tina Schraier

May 15, 2019

Lexi, love your blog ! Love the new verticals. You always have been right on the edge of what is happening and new. Look forward to checking back.

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